I’m Backkkk

Friends, Family, Randoms…. After numerous people have brought up starting a blog to me recently, I feel like it’s a sign to get this one going again!

As some of you know who read it before, this was a blog I was required to maintain for a college course that I loved doing, but immediately stopped when the class ended. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t understand analytics and had no idea that so many people read my blog each week! Now, almost 5 years later, I am a changed woman – SYKE. Still the same ol’ G – but I’ve kept up with my bucket list and need to share.

AND I can’t count how many of you have said at one point or another in the last few years, “You do so much cool stuff all the time!” My response to that is “true” BUT, that stuff is not just put in front of me… I actually go out and FIND cool stuff to do. WHAT!?

i-woke-up-like-thisAs much as the fake world of social media makes you believe that everyone else just “wakes up like this” and their lives are destined to be so much cooler than yours, they’re not.

Those people are:

  1. Making it look better than it actually is,
  2. Still using their family’s money and connections and flaunting it to the world, or
  3. GOING OUT AND MAKING IT HAPPEN ON THEIR OWN. (Hint: Do this one. Or number 2. I mean, if the coat tails are long enough…)

So, with that being said, my homework will be to find/do something different and out there each week and to let you all know about it. This way, you will have some inspiration to keep yourself young and never EVER again utter the annoying words, “there’s nothing to do.” Even my friends and family in (Dreary) Erie… There is ALWAYS something to do.

My activities will mainly cover the categories of Sports, Travel, Fitness, Creative, Professional and Just for Fun.

Your Homework: MAKE A BUCKET LIST!
bucket-listSome of you may think this is ridiculous, but you know what I think is ridiculous? That at any point you could not be here, whether it’s this year or in 80 years. If it’s this year, you’ll know that you lived life to the fullest and did some really awesome shit in the short time that you had left. If it’s in 80 years, well you have A LOT of time to fill so you better get started.

If you’re the person that I LOVE and you’re offended that I even brought up dying, just think… If you complain about having nothing to do now, imagine being a vampire and having oh, I don’t know, ETERNITY to fill with mindless activities. You and Edward Cullen can have fun with that.

Anywho, use the categories that I used above to get you started. Start with a few items for this year and a few items for your lifetime. Throughout the year, my bucket list will give you ideas to build yours, so don’t stress if you’re at a loss… I gotchu!

To those of you who mindlessly cheers on NYE every year to “making this the best year EVER”… Here’s to ACTUALLY making this the best year ever! TO 2016!!!


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