Bucket List Item #6: “Summit” Up

All of us have passions, whether it be career-focused or personal, and we need to do as much as possible to keep those passion wheels turning. What I’ve found that helps to give you that boost that you need to keep reaching for more is to surround yourself with people with similar passions to learn from, influence each other and network… and the best way to do this is to attend a summit (or conference)

No, I don’t mean go to a boring week of B.S. classes where you spend a bunch of money for someone to tell you the same thing over and over again in 50 different ways. I mean go to a quick one or two-day long event that just blows your mind in a very short period of time.

Why? I’ll tell you…

You’re not the only bright crayon in the box.

Sometimes, when you surround yourself with the same people, same places and same information, you start to think that you know it all and that there’s nothing more to learn. Last weekend, I was in NYC for a Leaders in Sport summit that I’ve attended year after year, and it never ceases to amaze me how much I DON’T know, and unless you put yourself in a room with people smarter than you and driven by the same force, you’ll never hear how you can be better. Which leads to my favorite quote…
You would never meet these people sitting at home.

part_1457461339752_20160301_182929Some of the brilliant people that I’ve met and friends that I’ve made with similar interests and passions can’t be matched from what I pulled from these conferences. When you put people from all across the globe at all ages in the same room, you’re bound to get a different perspective on life that can do nothing but improve your success. I found effective people who I want to be like, long-time friends in my field to bounce ideas off of (and visit… IF I ever make it to Nebraska 😉 … yes, I’m talking to you Opendorse) and people who are younger than I am who I can help to motivate. I would have never crossed any of these people sitting at home, going to work or going out on weekends. Only an organized event like this can bring together such a similar, driven group of people with a ton of amazing things to share… like the future of Virtual Reality. Ignore how ridiculous it looks and try it!

You get to travel!

Everyone knows that traveling is weaseled into every item on my bucket list, and this is no different. Find a topic that you’re passionate about and find a conference that pulls big names in for you to learn from. For a few random examples:

BUT, make sure that conference is somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit! That way, on your down time, you can stimulate your mind in a different way. Let your inner gypsy wander…

Here are some pictures from my trip exploring New York!

TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Research a conference AND GO! (even if it’s only once)

So take your passion, “summit” up into a few days, and I promise it will motivate you to keep improving yourself for the rest of the year.


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