Bucket List Item #13: Attend a Music Festival!

I think we can all agree that everyone loves music. If you don’t, I’m concerned for your well-being. But, some people love music more than others… and I happen to be one of those people. I like every genre of music, from every era, performed by artists from all age ranges and genders.

In case you don’t realize how much music helps you, let me drop some knowledge. It makes you happier, lessens stress, improves sleep, eases pain, reduces depression, strengthens memory, raises IQ, increases endurance and the lists go on. Need some proof? Lucky you, Millcreek school system taught me how to cite 🙂

There could be a superstar who makes a horrible song, and there can be a no-name band that makes the best song you’ll ever hear. That’s why I HIGHLY suggest attending a music festival.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to be 18 and on drugs, it just means you have to pick the right one for your taste and JUST DO IT.

Some of you may think it is too expensive, but when you break it down, you’re paying 2-3x the amount that you would pay for a normal concert ticket, but you’ll see 5-10x the amount of concerts with that one ticket, at least! But, choose wisely to get the most for your money.

I chose Lollapalooza this year for several reasons:

  1. It was dead in the center of a city also on my bucket list, Chicago (the Candy Capital of the World… look it up if you don’t believe me), so I made it a long weekend and toured the city! If you choose Lolla… stop and take in the view. It’s pretty amazing.
  2. I wasn’t forced to camp out in 90 degree heat, sleep in sweat and minimally shower like Bonnaroo – but for those of you who can handle that, I’ve heard it’s an amazing festival!
  3. It had several artists in one day that I’ve always wanted to see, so it made sense to spend the money and see them in one place, back to back.

For those of you who can’t just watch people perform all day, many festivals have an entire area dedicated to extra activities. Lollapalooza had:

  • Shopping: At the Lollapalooza store, as well as others, like Aviator, Mitchell & Ness, and more
  • Chow Town: With the cities best restaurants serving in food truck, fair-style
  • Private Bars Areas: Including a Margaritaville, Craft Cocktail Bar, Wine Lounge and Beer Garden… And you had to be 21+ to get in so no underagers present J
  • Carnival: There was even an area with rides and games, although I voted against the rides because drinking and spinning doesn’t seem to sit well with me.
  • Art Market: Pretty self-explanatory, but there were photographers, skyline painters, musician portraits and more!
  • Charity Zone: Of course I have to throw this out there, but there was even an area promoting Lolla Cares organizations. Click here for some of those!

I promise you, you will be EXTREMELY entertained the whole time. Whether it’s from all of the activities or just people watching. Some of my favorite memories are:

  • Kidapalooza – Where there were magicians, kids’ performers, instruments to play and games all day long. I thought I was all for this, until I saw the Tag-A-Kid sign. Then I 100% started judging…
  • Craft Cocktail Area – This was new this year and better than I expected! It was a private 21+ area, with games, cornhole, shaded seating, zero waiting, AND we had a view of the river!
  • Bottle of wine for purchase! Most of you who know me know I’m not a beer drinker, and unless you’re in the cocktail areas, you couldn’t get any mixed drinks. So, plastic bottles of wine for purchase were my hero. (Don’t you judge me. This is a judgement-free zone… except if you’re judging the parents who tagged their kids.

If you’re interested in attending a music festival, here are a few suggestions:

  • Book your hotel early for cheaper prices, and downtown so that you can walk to it. The road blocks and lines of traffic were crazy.
  • Go early to your favorite artists because there are so many other artists playing back to back that you can usually get right up to the stage. It’s also fun to sit back in the lawn and relax to the bands you’re not as familiar with.
  • Keep your distance from pretty much everyone toward the end of the night. At that point, people have been drinking and/or out in the sun for hours, so you never know which direction their vomit will go… take it from personal experience. Unfortunately no, I was not the vomiter, I was the vomitee. Thanks for the reminder.
  • Buy a day pass instead of a weekend pass OR stay for a few extra days to enjoy the city you’re in! I’m so happy I did and Chicago, you stole my heart.

TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Attend a Music Festival!

If you’re not interested in Lollapalooza, try Coachella, Bonnarroo, Warped Tour (which I’ve also been to), Austin City Limits (because Austin is amazing), Ultra Music Festival, Country Music Fest or many others! Or, just go to a day full of music in your hometown… Block party, here we come!


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