Bucket List Item #19: Pick a Dream, and Follow It


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but that’s the flipside to actually being a “busy girl” with an active bucket list. But what I was doing for the last month was well worth the wait.


I assure you friends, the name is not why I’m excited, but instead the opportunities I’ll get and knowledge I’ll gain working there and around people from so many sides of sports. I am going to be a walking sponge in that office and take every opportunity that presents itself to learn something new.qu

For starters, I despise the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” … I would’ve had or done none of what I have by relying on connections, having money or waiting for things to come to me.

When I wanted to work for sports in college in 2009, I went to the journalism school’s bulletin board every single day until I found a flyer, and showed up to an interview with the only news story I had written.

And I got the job.

When I wanted to work for sports again in Charlotte in 2013, I kept a job to continue learning until I found a place that was exactly what I wanted, then I applied to whatever opening they had.

And I got the job.

When I recently wanted to work for a major sports brand that could teach me things I couldn’t learn on my own or doing what I’m currently doing, I waited for years for an opportunity to open, and the second it did, I was ready.

And I got the job.

I had no connections at any of these places, and I got a bazillion rejections at other companies before getting these. I even used to joke with my family about how I started to play a game called “guess how long it will take before I get the rejection email” – 24 minutes? 24 hours? 24 days? Either way, it was coming. BUT those few who gave me a chance, put me where I was supposed to be and all of the rejections became worth it.

Now, to answer some questions that I’ve already/frequently been asked, and may have went through your head immediately:

  1. quoteAm I moving?
    Yes. Sadly and happily… Good news: I LOVE living in new places and Hartford, CT will be my new home as of November. HELLOOOO NEW ENGLAND! Bad News: Now I’m going to be home sick from 2 places *queue waterworks*
  1. Who did I know to “get my foot in the door” at ESPN?
    No one. I looked for it, I found it and I applied to it just like the other thousands of applicants.
  1. How did I prepare for that intense of an interview process?
    I didn’t. I’m not a good liar, and if they don’t like my REAL personality or skillset, then I shouldn’t be working there. I saw it as a fun opportunity that had zero downside since I was at a company that I liked. I either A.) got an amazing job, or B.) got a free tour of ESPN… not gonna lie, I thought B was more likely.
  1. quote2Will I be an anchor?
    Nope… ESPN has a business that actually runs off screen apparently lol. But just know that every time you see those studs on SportsCenter, I’m right next door. Working my tail off. BEHIND the camera.
  1. Am I nervous?
    Weirdly… No. I’m sure I’ll be homesick, make dumb mistakes, and highly regret my decision for a moment every time the temperature drops below 30 degrees, but I’m excited and know I deserve to be there.
  1. quote3Am I going to regret leaving Charlotte?
    No. I picked Charlotte because it had me written all over it. BUT I missed Erie when I moved to WV, I missed WV when I moved to NC, and I’ll miss NC when I move to CT. It’s a vicious cycle for people that move around, but I’d rather have that then to never experience it just because I’m too afraid to leave a place I’ve become comfortable in. Don’t get me wrong though, I sobbed like a baby when I made the decision and I’m sure I will again as I’m leaving.

That being said, thank you to everyone that made Charlotte home for the last 5+ years, like my friends that I’ve met through Camden Apartments, The Dance District, Evolution Agency, Fitness Connection, Elevation Church, WVU Alumni CLT, BlackFinn, QuintEvents, Charlotte Sports+Business, Sportslink and more. I searched for organizations like these to make me more at home when I moved here, found them and because of them, met some of the best people and had some of the most fun of my life. To add them onto the amazingly supportive friends and family I have back home, I’m one lucky girl.

In the wise words of Tupac: “You are appreciated.”

TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Go after something big that you want! And be okay with rejections… Even if you have to play my one-of-a-kind rejection game 😉

quote4Just like everything in life, it’s a numbers game. You can’t get something without trying. And the more times you try, the higher your chances become of getting it. So next time you think you are where you are because you “don’t have an in,” go find an in. Try stalking what you want as much as you stalk people on Facebook. OUCH. But I’m right…

Here’s to relying on yourself and not your connections.


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