Bucket List Item #9: Join THE PLAYERS Club

I can almost guarantee this is not what you’re thinking, but hey, it’s your bucket list… you can join whatever Players Club your little heart desires.

What I’m referring to is THE PLAYERS Championship golf tournament! Anyone who knows me knows that golf really isn’t my thing. I’ve never played it (unless we count super serious mini golf), I’ve never watched it (other than to cheer on Tiger when everyone in the world was a bandwagon Tiger fan back before… well, you know), and I had DEFINITELY never been to a golf event (since I preferred the jerseys, cut off shorts and sneakers types of sports).

BUT I was invited to go to THE PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, and was shocked by how much I loved it! Here’s why:

  • 7d64a44a6bdd26779e0b52eab5ac830c.jpgThe Wardrobe: For starters, since I mentioned it already, the clothing was on point. I mean, I assume heaven is very similar to a blue-skied, palm-treed place where everyone walks around in Under Armour and bright colors…. But that’s just me. And for you guys who think it’s too uptight and like your ladies in jerseys or Derby dresses, think again.
  • 20160511_113811.jpgThe Atmosphere: I assumed golf events were very serious and silent based on what you see on TV, but the event is actually an amazing way to day drink and meet people from all over the world! You’re out in the sun, you’re mingling, and you’re following your favorite athletes from hole to hole like you’re BFFs. Warning: Their selfie game is stronger than yours.
  • BmVvXRGIcAEaDYVThe Athletes: You get to see some of the most patient athletes of all time up close and personal while they’re practicing for a HUGE tournament. And you’d be surprised at how laid back they are! They joke with each other, take selfies and even talk to the crowds on occasion. And you get to see the process of agents approaching the athletes about signing with them… and all I could think is, Ari Gold would make this process SO much more fun. Right, Ari?

Ps. Am I just getting older or are golfers getting hotter? I’m going to go with hotter ‘cause I’m obviously not getting older.

Now, I went through my work with official ticket packages, so let me walk you through what a day as a VIP includes:

  • Get to your hotel to a gift bag with the best chocolate popcorn EVER
  • Catch your private shuttle to the course
  • Greeted with a glass of champagne and wristbands
  • A private golf cart then takes you to THE PLAYERS Club
  • The doors open for you and you are greeted like the damn President everywhere you turn
  • Register your badge to your name, favorite golfer, drink and food so that when you pass a TV, it tells you your favorite golfers’ tee time and when you pass a bar/food stand, they offer you what they know you’ll like. WHAT?!20160511_110321.jpg
  • Head to eat breakfast on the patio with a view of the course and palm trees20160511_104043.jpg
  • 20160511_115109.jpgMake your way to watch the golfers practice where you’re LITERALLY right next to them. Minus the fence between you… not because they don’t like you, but to contain stalkers like my homegirl Katie 😉
  • Then, you can go watch them on the course… oh, there’s too many people and you can’t see the action? Head up into your private hospitality with food, drinks, bathrooms and a balcony to look right over the heads of the fans below.
  • Bored? Go to the golf pro shop for some shopping or live interviews, the P&G Studio to get a shave or makeover, or to the Autograph Zone to meet the playas themselves.
  • Tired from all of the fun in the sun, head back to your hotel on your private transportation to call it a night. Wake up the next day for round 2!

I was only there for a day… imagine what I could’ve accomplished in a week! This trip was not enough for me to fully understand the sport, but enough for me to do some homework and add even more golf events to my bucket list.

TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Attend a professional golf tournament!

I also added “learning to golf” to my bucket list after this, but I’ll wait until I’m patient enough to master that one.

Don’t forget to take pictures, get a tan, make some friends and keep your phone near you so that your friends don’t take their own golf selfies on your phone. Meet my friend Daniel. Dammmmmmmn Daniel!



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