Bucket List Item #10: Summer X Games!

In honor of today starting the Summer X Games in Austin, Texas, I thought I’d write about my bucket list experience at the Summer X Games. No, I’m not there right now, and unfortunately it’s the last one in Austin (tear), but I did make out there when it was in LA and I LOVED it.

You definitely have to be a certain kind of person to enjoy the X Games, like:

  • avrilA teenager (not me)
  • A “skater” (not me)
  • Were ever in love with a Sk8er Boi (not me, but queue Avril anyway)
  • Or you just enjoy highly-technical sports that you yourself could never do… BINGO.

I have zero skill in anything X Games related (although learning to skateboard is on my 2016 bucket list), but for some reason I’ve always loved it. I’m going to thank my ridiculous skills in the Tony Hawk X Box Game

Top Secret Tony Hawk Pro Skater Advice:
Just hit every button on the controller at the same time over and over again #YoureWelcome

Anyway, I went to the Summer X Games in LA a few years back at the LA Live rooftop and Staples Arena. Not only was LA a great location because of the atmosphere, but the events were unbelievably close up – AND not very expensive compared to other events (about $40 per event).

The events I attended (and LOVED) were:

  • Skateboard Street Final – Doing crazy tricks on a street-like setup (railings, walls, hills, etc.)
  • BMX Park Final – Doing crazy bike tickets on a skate park-like setup (dips, ramps, turns, etc.)
  • Skateboard Vert Final – Doing crazy tricks on a U-shaped ramp about a hundred feet in the air
  • BMX Big Air Final – Doing crazy tricks off an enormous ramp about a million feet in the air
  • Moto X Step Up Final – Basically doing the high jump/pole jumping on a motorcycle. No big deal.


As much as I was obsessed with this place, some of the guys I went with who are also sports lovers were not as in love with it. It’s definitely a unique event and if you’re anywhere above 25, you’ll basically be a senior citizen compared to the overall crowd. I suggest going when you fall into one of these 3 categories:

  1. You have children, siblings or other kids/teens who are into that sort of thing
  2. If it’s in a city or at a venue that you’ve always wanted to visit anyway
  3. Or if you’re just into it, which I am, and have zero shame in attending on your own (and possibly throwing on your backwards hat and Converse sneakers).

Right now, the X Games location is up for bid for 2017, so it may be coming to a city near you!

TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Go to the Summer X Games! I also have on my bucket list to go to the Winter X Games, so throw that on there as well.

I attempted the Winter X Games this year in Aspen and it was an epic fail thanks to weather, but whether or not another winter storm turns me into a snowman, eskimo or white walker, I will be there.



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