Bucket List Item #16: Join a Team

In light of wrapping up the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, where all of us bitterly watched sports that we once played and wish we still did, while these freaks of nature made our talent look like a joke, I am going to kindly remind you all that you can still compete!

I’m sure we all can agree that everyone needs a hobby. Yes, it may have to be different than what it was when you were younger due to time constraints, changes in your body, or just an impossibility to keep it going, but no, I won’t take “I’m Too Old/Busy/Lame” as an excuse. You’re never too old to do SOMETHING that fuels that fire.

Everyone needs some competition in their life. Here’s why:

  1. So you can have something to look forward to each week/month that you truly find satisfaction
  2. So you can show yourself that you are still good at something and stop using the phrase “back in the day”
  3. prove-wrongSo you can show your snotty kids that all of your “back in the day” stories are not lies

(or so you can video tape yourself doing it so that one day when you have your own snotty kids, you’ll come fully loaded :))

Recently, I joined a SportsLink sand volleyball league with another couple (Brittany and Tom), and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. If Kerri Walsh can continue to compete in the Olympics at 38 years old, I can play a pickup league at 27. And if my mom could continue to play coed softball and volleyball post three kids, and vault at our gymnastics birthday parties into her late 30s, the least I can do as a single, kid-free millennial is stop overworking and find a hobby.

brittSo I did. And what I realized in the process is that everyone else playing was in the same boat, ranging from 21 to 50+, and were just as nervous as I was to play in a competitive setting again with the fear that you will suck.

Well, once we got the jitters out and got used to playing with each other, we crushed our first game of the season (and it felt amazing), then got crushed our second, but oh well. Now, I look forward to every Tuesday where I’ll get to play the sport I love again. I even got together with my other friends who couldn’t make the league to play pickup over the weekend…

Public Announcement: We played 3×3, girlfriends vs. boyfriends and the ladies (myself, Alexis and Cynthia) won best out of three.

How you ask?

  1. You realize your greatness and act on it despite doubts
  2. You ignore the guys’ intimidating “are you sure you want to do this” before the game starts
  3. You continuously announce your winning score before each serve to get in their head
  4. You keep calm because guys are naturally more competitive and at some point will defeat themselves
  5. Remind the men that Icebox from Little Giants has a place in each of our hearts that will push us to victory when playing little boys


TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Join an ongoing league/group or just compete again!

This doesn’t mean it has to be a sport. It can be anything you enjoy. Some people that I know who have indulged in reoccurring hobbies/leagues have done:

  • Sports, like soccer, volleyball, flag football, softball, basketball, tennis, golf, dance or bowling
  • Games nights, like catchphrase, poker, chess or scrabble
  • Bar/Social competitions, like karaoke, trivia or bingo, and
  • Random hobbies that most people wouldn’t even think of, like beach acro! (Don’t know what that is? Look at what my badass friend Crystal has accomplished since moving to Cali)

So, as important as I think bucket list items are, doing something once isn’t always enough. These week, the goal is to find something that you enjoy and either join or start a group to make sure it continues weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! This way, you’ll get your competitive nature back in action and have something to truly look forward to.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    Love This!!! Good for you, volleyball sounds amazing!


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