Bucket List Item #17: Alcohol and Creativity

For some of you, creativity comes naturally. Your favorite classes in high school were art, photography, music, culinary or fashion. When you make something – a gift basket, a puzzle or even just breakfast – you’re more about the presentation of it than you are what’s in it. For you, creativity comes effortlessly.

For others, like some of my beautiful siblings, it’s more of a black and white kind of world, where you’d rather just buy a finished product than to EVER have to make it yourself. And if you try to make it yourself, it takes 10x the amount of time to do it than your creative friends, or you just get annoyed and end up going to buy it anyway. For you, creativity is more of a job.

Well, good news is, with inventions like my savior called Pinterest, making things yourself has become much easier. But for me at least, the best part of DIY projects is doing it with friends! Then, if you do well, you can show it off, or if you mess up miserably, you’re in good company.

work4Some entrepreneurs felt the same way and took it a step further by organizing it country-wide and throwing some alcohol into the mix. There are now events that include wine and pretty much anything, like wine and painting, wine and planting and more.

Some of these include:

  • Paint Nite – Eat and drink while following a paint instructor
  • Plant Nite – Eat and drink while planting your own mini garden
  • Paint Partyz – Eat and drink while freelance painting, coloring, etc.
  • Even wine and cooking lessons!

If you don’t have these in your hometown, just Google “____ classes in (your hometown)” and I’m sure something will come up. If it doesn’t, guess what business you can start 😉 ***My hometown (Erie, PA) didn’t originally have a wine and painting class and once they opened, they were booked for months!

If you’re already saying no for the sake of not embarrassing yourself, think again. Everyone in there is in (relatively) the same boat. They are going for the fun of it. People who are not as naturally talented at it have an instructor to help them, and those who are (or thought they were) end up realizing that they’re not as good as they used to be… take it from me!

So, when would you ever want to do this? If you’re me, pretty much every day if you could afford it. But if you want to plan it for something special, here are a few ideas I have done:

  • Holiday parties – I dragged my boyfriend with a huge group of people for Christmas from our apartment building and we both nailed it. Obviously.

  • Fundraisers – I organized a work event to raise money for a local nonprofit and friend during Breast Cancer Awareness month, and tied it into what we do for work. Everyone still has them at their desks.

  • Gifts – I dragged my sister to one while she was visiting Charlotte and we painted cute elephants for her daughter Madison’s and my (unofficial) Godson Jonathan’s birthdays. Both looked great hanging in their rooms. I also made one for my niece Mackenzie’s birthday to push her love for Paris. ❤

  • Just to learn something new – Some of you saw my post from last weekend, thanks to Groupon, that I found one that I’ve never tried before… and it was awesome. It was a Plant Nite event where you make your own mini garden – In my case, mini Jurassic Park jungle – and soil it, plant it, water it, and decorate it! I wouldn’t say my friend Kaitlyn and I were necessarily good at it, but we had fun.

  • Girl’s Nights – When you want to catch up with your family or friends in a way that will easily entertain all types of personalities. I went with my cousin Ashley and grandma… Gram was struggling a bit but the wine helped that lol.
  • recipesCouple’s Nights – If your man is too cool for painting school (which many think they are until they try it), do a couple’s wine/beer and cooking glass! Next on my list!

TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Get Creative!!! And tipsy… it helps bring out the creativity, or mask how bad you are at it. Either way, I promise you’ll have fun.

If you have any other ones you’ve been to, put them in the comments below because I’d love to try any that I haven’t already and I’m sure there are more! A friend recently just told me about a wine glass painting class and you better believe that will be happening. Anyone know of a jewelry making one? Send it my way J


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