Bucket List Item #2: Just Dance

they-know-meTo everyone who knows me and read the title, you’re probably not surprised at all, nor should you be. I am the person who danced as a child and an adult, in the car and in the club, to music and shamelessly to nothing but the music playing in my head.

I truly believe that music and dancing are two of those most stress-relieving things in life. If you’re thinking I’m bias because danced growing up, you’re wrong. Try putting on some upbeat music from your teenage years and see what happens to you. 90% of the time that I’m dancing, it is not anything I would want to be seen in public. I’m just feeling the music (like a hippie, on happy gas, hula dancing, to trap music… Annnnnyway…)

Unfortunately, as we get older, we stop doing organized activities and it leaves us reminiscing on the days that “we used to be good at ____”. When I graduated high school, that was the end of my going to dance class days. When I graduated college, that was the end of my going to dance clubs every weekend days.

That leaves you in your twenties and beyond, tossing and turning in bed thinking – “Holy shit… am I never going to dance again?!” When I woke up from that nightmare, I started Googling adult dance studios nearby. I repeat, ADULT dance studios so that none of you accidentally drop in on a kids’ dance class like “my friend” did. Okay fine. It was me.

Surprisingly, there were a bunch of studios offering adult classes! That made me feel better knowing that I wasn’t the only grownup wanting to live out my childhood again. What surprised me even more was the variety of adults in the class – from beginners to professional choreographers, from club goers to moms and dads with children my age!

honey2Now, let me put this into perspective. I chose Hip Hop because I had done it in the past, and I secretly wanted to be like Honey. Who’s Honey you ask? Well, she’s only Jessica Alba’s 2003 hip hop-dancing alter ego who helped less fortunate children have a place to dance while raising money for the community. In other words, my dream. 

So, I added to my bucket list “Be in a community dance show, like Honey”– and yes that’s exactly how I wrote it. Since then, I found a dance studio that I love (The Dance District), been in several dance shows, and met more amazing, unique people than I ever imagined!


To Add to Your Bucket List: TAKE A DANCE CLASS!

This doesn’t mean a professional class, and it doesn’t have to be a certain style. Just think of something you’ve always wanted to do related to dance, and do it! For some examples, here are why people I met were taking dance classes:

  • To be like Honey 😉
  • To make new friends from all walks of life
  • To get into shape
  • To not be embarrassed at their wedding reception
  • To dance in the middle of a circle
  • Or, in the wise words of Dane Cook, ’cause “I Just Wanna Dance!”

AND hip hop, ballet, jazz and lyrical are not the only dance styles! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX PEOPLE:

  • Zumba/Aerobics
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Line dancing (Next on my bucket list thanks to being schooled on a dance floor in Texas)
  • Pole dancing (Also on my bucket list… don’t judge me…)
  • Even tap dancing! This was something I would have NEVER done again as an adult, but thanks to my agency that I mentioned last week, I was booked for a tap dancing job for MAC Cosmetics a few years back and traveled the Carolinas as a pin up dancer for their “Hey! Sailor” makeup line launch… again, this is a judgement free zone.heysailor

GUYS, this goes for you too. There were plenty of men in my classes and guys that can dance (even if not well) happens to be the biggest turn on ever. Like EVER.

Also, leave in the comments what your favorite dance song or dance movie is so that people reading this have something to get them pumped up. READY GO! 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth Davenport says:

    I love all dance movies! Foot Loose, Dirty Dancing, Grease…oh and of course Fame (oldie but it changed my life…well not really a major change…). I never took dance because I have always been a chubby tomboy…but I had my nights in the club with the girls and it was Fun!!


    1. I love all of those movies! Mine is Dirty Dancing and Gavin’s is Grease, so we should all get together for a dance movie night! haha 😉 But I was also a tomboy (which unfortunately is why I quit dance growing up… to play other sports) but you still have to do it! You would be awesome at a zumba class, or a fun salsa night at Cosmos. We’re always in!


  2. Arlene Grant says:

    My mom gave me the option.. Dance or Soccer. I chose soccer. 🙂

    Coyote Joes in Charlotte has Line Dancing on Wednesday nights. I’ll dig out my sisters cowgirl boots and complete this bucket list # with you! https://www.facebook.com/CJ.DanceClass/


    1. Yes, absolutely! Let’s plan to do this in February! 🙂


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