Bucket List Item #4: Stop Asking for THINGS

Yes, you read it right, and yes, it can seem a little ridiculous for a bucket list, but I promise you it will make sense. You can thank me later 😉

kevin-hartThis week’s item seemed appropriate with Valentine’s Day approaching this weekend. Some of you may despise the Hallmark holiday, while others may expect to be showered with gifts and given the world. When I dig in deeper to what I mean, that goes for all holidays. Yes, that includes the day your beautiful self was brought into this world.

Now, when I say stop asking for things, that doesn’t mean expect nothing in your lifetime from anyone ever. It means stop asking for PHYSICAL store-bought gifts! But, what will I do without my Michael Kors watch, millions of sweaters and Starbucks gift cards I get each year, you ask? Well, you will be highly satisfied with what you get in exchange. EXPERIENCES.

Try in 2016 to stop asking for items that you’ll have zero connection to later in life, or possibly even in a few months from now, and ask for gifts toward things you want to do and will actually remember for a lifetime… like the items on your bucket list. Whoaaaa…
For example,

  • Instead of asking for a $15 gift card to the mall, ask for a pass to the dance class you’ve been wanting to take.
  • Instead of asking for a $50 pair of shoes, ask for a guitar lesson for the instrument you’ve always wanted to play.
  • Instead of asking for a $100 outfit, ask for ski lift ticket or tickets to the event you’ve always wanted to attend.
  • Instead of asking for a $300 watch, ask for a $300 flight to the place you’ve always wanted to go, and so on. You get the picture.

light-up-shoesI promise that you’ll remember the excitement of experiencing something MUCH more than you will remember the excitement of opening those new pair of shoes… although I do love me some new kicks. Sigh…

Anyway, this goes for how you buy gifts as well! You will become a much better gift-buyer if you think about what people really want to experience, rather than something additional to add to their closet.

What I remember the most from my mom was not the clothes or toys, but the day trip to the beach when we stayed LITERALLY from sun up to sun down. What I remember the most from my dad was not the weekend he came in town and took me shopping, but the day that he took me to the go-kart track until my arms practically fell off. What I remember the most from my boyfriend was not the jewelry he bought me (no offense… absolutely loved them!), but the Colbie Caillat concert he surprised me with at a small venue in the middle of nowhere where I went full-fledged fangirl.

colbie-caillat(OMG… There she is again… Ahhhhhh!!!!)
…Okay moving on.

And the gifts that I bought for people that they remember the most were the Girls’ Night Out comedy show tickets I gave my sister to enjoy with her friends, the signed basketball I gave my brother as a souvenir from going to the Sweet 16 together, the family photo shoot I gave a close friend who had never had one with her son, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tickets I gave my Nana and Papa to enjoy the musicians that they forced upon me growing up (RIP Elvis), the Spartan Sprint admission I gave my boyfriend for our anniversary instead of the usual dinner for two, and more. All of these gifts leaving a lasting memory for under $50.

Also, this doesn’t mean you can never ask for or give items again, just try to make sure that those items can get you or your loved one closer to something they’ve always wanted to do. For example, tools to build with, luggage to travel with, an instrument to learn with, a gas card to take that trip with, etc.

TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST: Start Giving/Asking for EXPERIENCES. Starting with Valentine’s Day…

Queue Drake:
You could thank me now… uh, go ‘head
Thank Me Later yeah I know what I said
but later doesn’t always come so instead
it’s okay,
You could thank me now.



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