Bucket List Item #3: Have A Snow Day

This time of year gives all of us some mixed feelings with the mixed weather conditions. Obviously it varies depending on where you live, but most people have a love-hate relationship when the snow and crappy weather comes on strong and you get a little stir crazy (or what I like to call seasonal depression – aka SAD – how fitting).

I never thought I’d say it, but when I moved from PA, I actually missed the snow! I missed how pretty it was, I missed wearing my winter clothes, I missed meeting up at the local golf course to sled with my friends, and I even missed the drastic changes in seasons.

That’s when I decided to add to my bucket list something that brought a little bit of home/snow back into my life – Snowboarding.

I knew this would be one of the toughest items on my bucket list for several reasons:

  1. Having the joints of a 90-year-old (thanks genetics)
  2. Limited snow in the Carolinas, and
  3. Starting from scratch because unfortunately, the cost of joining ski club growing up just wasn’t really an option

Learning something so physically demanding as an adult definitely scared me, not to mention an almost 5’10” adult making falling (or 50+ falls) that much more painful. BUT, I knew it was now or never.

So, although it’s taken me the last few years to get the hang of it since I can only make it to the mountains 1-2 times a year, I DID IT! I’ve been to the mountains at home (Peak ‘n’ Peak), near WVU (Wisp), in NC (Beech Mountain) and just last weekend, out to Colorado (Snowmass, Keystone, Breckenridge and Copper)! Every mountain, every snowfall and every experience is completely different, but all have the same beautiful benefit… the snow.

Although I’m still working on it and feel like I got hit by a train, it felt good to make that big check off the lifelong bucket list!

I hate being cold, walking through slush, driving 10mph because the roads aren’t plowed, and the list goes on, but what I remembered from being out in the snow that I had forgotten is how fun it is to play in it, fall in it and just look around at it, taking it in. So, that’s what I want every one of you to do.

To Add To Your Bucket List: HAVE A SNOW DAY!!!

This doesn’t mean you have to go learn how to snowboard as an adult and fall over…. and over… and over… and over again like I did, but it does mean that you have to stop complaining about the weather and go make the most of it!

You may give yourself a million reasons why you can’t – too old, too cold, too busy or just too lazy – but that my friends is what I like to call being a Debbie Downer (Negative Nancy, wet blanket or whatever your generation calls someone who makes excuses not to have fun), but all of them are *cough cough* bullshit.
There are so many activities that you can do in the snow, and so many places you can drive to for the day to find it if you don’t have it right in your backyard. So here are some to add to your bucket list:

  • winter-sportsSnowboarding/Skiing (try the other if you’ve already mastered one, or go to a mountain you’ve never experienced)
  • Tubing/Sledding (with family, friends or possibly a giant green gorilla, if accessible)
  • Snowmobiling (if you casually have access to expensive snow machinery)
  • Building a snowman/mini igloo (for those who can’t get physically wild)
  • Go ice skating (perfect Billy Madison date night status)
  • Go to a snow sport event (like the X Games!)
  • OR if you really want to go all out like my freak-of-nature former teammate, Ajla, join an Olympic bobsled team! Hahaha… but really. She did that. Like a real life Cool Runnings.
  • And if you happen to live in a desert and have zero access to snow, you’re not off the hook. Sandboarding is now a thing thanks to us consistently bored, yet oh so creative millennials. 🙂

Me, El Nino and Storm Kayla



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